Local Brighton & Hove information and advice about transport, including how to apply for a blue badge, patient transport, cycling, accessible transport, bus passes, train travel, walking and road safety.

Bluebird Society for the Disabled

A local service for residents who are mobility impaired. They organise outings in local venues with door to door transport from private homes and care homes. Vehicles are also available to take people to doctor, hospital or dentist appointments for a moderate charge.

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Brighton & Hove City Council – Blue Badges

A blue badges allows residents who have difficulty walking long distances to park in disabled spaces nationwide. The councils pages have information and advice on how to apply and where to park as well as lost or stolen badges.

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Brighton & Hove City Council – Taxi vouchers

If you live in Brighton & Hove, are aged over 18 and willing to forgo your bus pass, you can have £70 worth of taxi vouchers each year. (Or £35 if applying after 1st October. These will last until the following April).

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