Age UK Crisis Service- Level 2

Level 2 service offers support to older people to help increase confidence, prevent falls and maintain independent-living. This can involve a one-off visit to provide advice on preventing falls, or a number of regular visits over a period of weeks from a volunteer to help rebuild confidence and work towards self-selected goals.

Level 2 can also provide signposting to other voluntary services that can help with falls prevention and rehabilitation.


Level 2 can help with problems such as:
  • People who have recently been discharged from hospital and are undergoing physical rehabilitation but have lost their confidence.
  • People who need someone to support and encourage them to resume activities that will help them maintain their mobility, quality of life and independence.
  • People who can benefit from falls prevention advice and support.
  • People who have become socially isolated and lack awareness of social and physical activities that they can access.

Contact Information


Phone: 01273 720603

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