Local Brighton & Hove and national organisations and services that can help support you if you’re a carer. Adult and young carers can also contact The Carers Centre for support.

Amaze – Parent carers

Amaze is a charity that offers information, advice and support to families of children and young people with special educational needs in Brighton and Hove.

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An online space where those aged under 18 who are caring for a family member or friend can chat, share their experiences and access information and advice.

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Brighton & Hove City Council – Breaks from caring

It is important that carers get a break from the responsibility of looking after someone from time to time. The type of break you need will depend on your own requirements and circumstances, and those of the person you care for. Information about the different types of breaks for carers, how to arrange a break and plan for emergencies.

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Brighton & Hove City Council – Carers assessment

A carers’ assessment is a way of identifying your needs as a carer and making sure you get the support that you’re eligible for. There is a range of support available to support carers to look after their own health and wellbeing.

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Brighton & Hove City Council – Carers: Planning for an emergency

The emergency back-up scheme gives peace of mind to carers. The scheme provides home-based care at short notice for up to 48 hours if you cannot look after the person you care for.

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Brighton & Hove City Council – Looking after yourself

If you care for someone, it is vital that you look after your own mental and physical health. There are a number of services, training courses and leisure activities that may be able to help you to stay well.

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Brighton & Hove City Council – Working and caring

Balancing work with caring can be very challenging. Many carers end up giving up paid work, reducing their hours or missing out on opportunities to get promoted because of the demands of being a carer. Information about how you can get help, advice or support about balancing working and caring.

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